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Internship Teaching

Gain practical experience by teaching up to 3 math or sciences classes.

EDGE is cooperating with a number of Yeshivas and high schools in the observant Jewish community to provide experiential learning for our participants. EDGE participants will be matched with one of these host schools, and teach up to 3 classes in their content area as part of the program. Math teachers will teach 3 classes, while science teachers will teach 2 classes. 

The internship teaching, coupled with the education coursework, helps guarantee the most effective and practical teacher training program. All educational methodologies learned can be employed and practiced in the classroom every day. This ensures that all EDGE graduates will be ready to meet the challenges of the actual classroom.

Each host school will provide EDGE participants with a mentor, who will give on-site guidance and support. Each mentor will be trained by EDGE staff before the school year. The host schools will also provide administrative feedback (not from the mentor), using an EDGE-approved rubric, such as the Danielson teacher evaluation.     

The internship teaching will also help solve the teacher shortage immediately, putting participants in the classroom from day one.