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EDGE addresses a growing challenge in our community school system.

There has been a decline in the pursuit of teaching careers within our community, which is driving an unparalleled teacher shortage. EDGE is designed to reverse this trend, preparing community members with a background in math, science, history, or English to become educators through a multi-pronged 2-year program:

• Cutting-edge coursework in the latest education methodologies
• Internship teaching with up to 3 courses in your domain
• Full-time employment with a $45,000 salary and benefits

Not only will this approach help alleviate the teacher shortage, EDGE will increase the number of highly-qualified and ISBE licensed educators in middle and high schools to help raise the standard of education and professionalism within the observant school system.

EDGE Mission 

Empowering aspiring Jewish school educators with background in math, science, history, or English to become licensed high school teachers, through coursework in educational methodologies, mentored classroom teaching experience, and a full-time salary.    

About Walder Science

Founded by Dr. Joseph and Elizabeth Walder in 2000, Walder Science is committed to providing educational science enrichment through the prism of Jewish values. For two decades, Walder Science has enriched the lives of children and adults in the Chicago area with innovative opportunities to explore, research and interact with a variety of scientific disciplines.